Monday, October 27, 2008


I've always loved wedding magazines (and mags in general). Not so muchto dream about my own wedding, I just love to look at the real-life weddings and see all the beautiful wedding pictures and different themes and experiences. Naturally, when I was engaged I had a legitimate excuse to read the magazines and I certainly embraced the opportunity!

Real Weddings magazine is my personal favourite with it's dedication to real-life weddings (hence the name!) flat-lay pages that feature a combination of fashion for the wedding party, bouquets, table settings and bonbonniere all arranged according to theme. Combined with the elegant styling and wearable fashion pages- all presented on beautiful smooth and weighty stock, my copies have nearly every page tagged and dog-eared!

A magazine I discovered fairly late in my planning (the small size turned me off- possibly the reason they have increased the size from A5) is Wedding Style Guide which is filled with stunning images and the now obligatory real weddings however what I really found useful was The Guide at the back of the mag which features tips on everything from table-setting, seasonal flower charts, dress-codes and a 12 month event planner. The Guide is printed on matte paper stock for maximum user friendliness.

Bride to Be and it's sister magazines Flowers, Your Day and Bride to Be Wedding Planner are playing main roles in helping me plan my wedding, I've torn so many pages out of these mags they are barely recognisable as the glossies they once were.

The only international mag I bought was Martha Stewart Weddings which isn't a magazine I would normally purchase however it was recommended to me by a friend. Martha didn't disappoint and I loved admiring the fabulous all-American celebrations and DIY tips (that I have intention of actually doing but look like they could be fun if you are at all creatively inclined... which I am not!)


Anonymous said...

I am getting married in December on the South Coast, NSW. From talking to my florist I am aware that Sigourney Cantelo was married in the same area (at Bellachara). I was hoping to get a copy of the magazine which her wedding was featured in but I haven't been able to find out which one or which issue. Can you help? Thanks a bunch. BTW- love your blog

Bonnie said...

Hi Anon,
So glad you like the blog!
the issue is the February-April 2008 issue.
If you would like to email me I would be happy to scan the pages in and email you back.
Would love to be kept up to date on your wedding :)