Saturday, February 28, 2009

A dozen pink balloons

I came across this very sweet, very thoughtful and very, very romantic engagement tale today.
Read it for yourself here.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Things I love... this week

This gorgeous card, made in France. The detail is phenomenal with glossy bits (known in the biz as a spot varnish) and looks like it was originally a collage.
Available from Ariel Books from around $9.

Daily newsletters from Drop Dead Gorgeous with the latest stylish items that are available online. Fashion, beauty, bits n pieces.

I will be checking Zodee out for the all-important wedding lingerie.

My Marimekko obsession continues with these gorgeous placemats. Perfect for a casual lunch.
Sadly the husband to be can't be convinced. Nevermind though, Marimekko have a huge range of other prints at Nordic Fusion I am sure he will love.

Have a great weekend!

Daydreams and delusions

It just took one glance at this pic of Jen Aniston to send me into a delusion daydream.

Barely seconds passed by but in my mind I had bought the suit from Burberry, worn it to a (Black-Tie) wedding on the weekend, 2 work functions and was composing gracious responses to the compliments that would be coming my way.

Caught up in the fantasy I emailed the wonderful PR at Burberry...
Turns out the suit is last seasons, sold fast and she managed to get one. I don't know what was more devastating. The fact that there was no suit, or that I probably couldn't have afforded it even if they had a gazillion in stock!

Carnations please. Hold the Baby's Breath.

Carnations get a bad rap. Which is such a shame as they have come along way from the daggy 80's bouquets when they were teamed with Baby's Breath and salmon pink taffeta bridesmaids gowns.

As Polkadot Bride pointed out on my previous post, they are lovely and
fluffy which is what I also like about them.Once again though, she read my mind as this is a pic I snapped at a local fruit & flower market as inspiration....

So pretty, fluffy and delicate. For those of you who may not be convinced, take a peek at these bouquets!

The Carnation is a great flower for your bouquet toss or as a buttonhole.

P.S If I remind you that the pink carnation was Carrie Bradshaw's favourite flower would that help the stigma? I am honest enough that it was probably around that episode when I started to rethink my thoughts on the humble carnation.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wedding Wednesday: You don't know what you want till it's (possibly) gone

To save me boring you with a long, boring and convoluted tale (I save those for the people I actually communicate with in person), I will give you the details in dot point.

  • I love peonies and wanted them for my bouquet. The wedding is in April. Peonies flower for about a nanosecond in October/November.
  • Never fear said the florist. David Austin Roses look just like Peonies. 'Yay!' I thought.
  • I read 247,982 wedding magazines, blogs, websites and news articles. 247,980 weddings featured David Austin Roses.

  • I swore off David Austin Roses. Denounced them as overly popular.
  • 5 weeks before the wedding I have zero concrete flower plans. There are a few things I like, but nothing decided.
  • Secretly, in the back of my mind, I have always had David Austin Roses as my back-up. Too beautiful to ignore.
  • This past weekend I met a sweet florist who is doing the flowers for a friend. She is worried about the flowers the friend wants. I nodded knowingly "yes, I heard about the lisinathus". She laughs, "Oh, that is no problem, it's the David Austin Roses"
  • When I am stressed I rush my words... "what do you mean? why? David Austin's are in season. Aren't they? Yes, my florist definitely said they were. Aren't they? What is the problem???????"

  • Upshot of the story: The crazy weather Sydney has been experiencing (the temperature changes erratically from 40+ to 22 degrees, rain, storms, searing heat) has destroyed most flower farms. All the David Austin's for all the Autumn weddings... gone. There might be a few left, but they will probably be pricey.
  • So, no back-up plan. Will have to go with my random other thoughts. I need to revert back to my wedding motto "don't get attached to any specific ideas". I just needed a moment to mourn.
Images: My wedding flower ideas, Martha Stewart,

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's about 270 something sleeps till my birthday

and I really, really want this Vera Wang Barbie doll!
I promise I won't cut the hair off this one!
See more here. I am too terrified of Mattel's legals to reprint.

Thanks for the heads up (and the image) Blushalicious!


Even just looking at this image gives me butterflies.
The anticipation is palpable.
Image by Jason Walz, via The Bride's Guide.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday's Muse: Oscars 2009

This years Oscars seem to be all about White with more than one celeb seemingly channeling a bride with full skirts, trains, tulle and beading.
Here are some highlights- perfect inspiration for the bride to be.

Sarah Jessica Parker, perfect as always.
Best Supporting Actress winner Penelope Cruz
That dress is seriously fabulous!

Taraji P. Henson

Miley Cyrus (with her Mum, Tish)
The detail of Miley's dress is amazing.

Melissa George
Seriously bridal with the mermaid silhouette.

Marisa Tomei

Anne Hathaway

Evan Rachel Wood

Best bridesmaid goes to Natalie Portman in delicate lilac.
Image Credits: News Ltd

Let me know your favourites!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Be Inspired: Black & White inspiration board

Black and white make for a formal, sophisticated wedding and is most appropriate for an evening reception.
Embrace the theme- damask, stripes, polkadots, elegant black bows and striking flowers such as Anemones will give that WOW factor.
Images (L-R) Martha Stewart, Jessica Claire, The Sweetest Thing, Pink Frosting, Wedding Things, The Knot, Aroostook Weddings, Sugarlove Pictures.

Be Inspired: Black & White

Black and White weddings are so glamorous and elegant. This is one of my favourites.*

Sigourney & Damien Cantelo
Dress by Alex Perry
Reception at Bellachara, Gerringong.
Planet Cake are credited with this simple yet eye-catching design.
Bonbonniere soaps from Mor tied into the theme.
Images from GM Photographics

I was just about to post images from this stunning black and white wedding when a visit to Polkadot bride halted me as she has just posted them too in reference to the dress designer Leonie Grace.

See the photos from Glenn & Amee's Black & White Wedding at Polkadot Bride and Sugarlove Weddings who captured the day.

Quote of the week

"Love one another and you will be happy.
It's as simple and as difficult as that."

Michael Leunig

Saturday, February 21, 2009




I just adore this magnolia bouquet. Magnolia's are in season in Australia in Spring.
Bouquet of Flannel flowers

Poho in Pott's Point Sydney.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wedding Wednesday- tasting

We spent Valentine's Day enjoying our reception tasting at our venue, The Tearoom, Queen Victoria Building. It is such a beautiful space, and I snapped a few pics of my iphone;
The high ceilings with the plaster decoration add so much drama to the room and the Florence Broadhurst wallpaper is one of my favourites.
These chairs are so comfortable and will be grouped around the room and between the tables and the dance floor to give guests more of an opportunity to catch up with each other, especially those not at their table.

Wedding Wednesday- Invitations

The invitations arrived last Friday and they are every bit as beautiful as I hoped they would be. After a weekend of mail-merges, sticking stamps, and licking envelopes (not to mention the inevitable last minute guest-list dramas) the invitations were sent yesterday.

(I couldn't resist taking a few pics on my iphone)