Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wedding Wednesday- the engagement

An (almost) 18 month engagement has meant I have heard "So, how are your wedding plans going?" alot! I know it is a well-intentioned question however I always fear boring everyone silly with the answer and sometimes either nothing comes to mind or there are things you just want to keep a surprise! Especially for those who will be guests at the wedding!

With less than 3 months to go to The Big Day, I am starting to get very excited and so thought I would start 'Wedding Wednesday' to talk about my own upcoming wedding. It will also be a nice way for me to reminisce over the last 15 months and share my plans.

Of course, at the start of every wedding story, there is the engagement
and mine was just as romantic, funny and special as every girl secretly hopes it will be. And the so, our story goes a little like this;

Like many young couples with busy jobs, I was starting to get that "passing like ships in the night" feeling even though we lived together. I suggested a weekend away and Paul leapt at the chance booking us in to Cypress Lakes in Pokolbin, Hunter Valley for a couple of days. I admit I was a little disappointed as the resort is well known for its golf course! I was like; "hey! this is our weekend away- not your golf weekend!" As we drove to the Hunter Valley we indulged in our favourite way to pass time in the car- day dreaming about our wedding. We were in that lovely stage of our relationship where we knew we wanted to be with each other however practicalities such as a deposit for a house etc were the priority over rings, weddings and such.

As it was just a Monday night (we did a 'mid-week break') and I had that
sleepy relaxed feeling, I suggested popping out for a super quick bite to eat (I sound so unromantic and boring!!) so Paul organised it all and booked a cab. I threw on a frock I wear all the time and tied my hair back in a quick bun. No make-up AT ALL- thinking there is no one to impress on a Monday night in Pokolbin!

In the dark I didn't recognise the restaurant as the beautiful
Robert's restaurant. Paul leapt out of the cab saying something about having made the booking weeks ago which struck me as a bit suss as he had never mentioned that when I had suggested dinner. He dismissed that as trying to trick me thinking I would get annoyed he wasn't organised as I had done once before and have never been able to live it down!

We were led to our table and indulged in bread dipped in locally grown olive oil accompanied by a local sparkling wine which was as good as any French champagne, mouthwatering entree's and mains with lots and lots of wine and great conversation. We had a ridiculously good time imagining our lives together. I am sure anyone near us would have cringed at our romantic naieveity and idealism however, when it is you it is such good fun!

I was oh so full of food and pleasantly tipsy when Paul went to the bathroom. When he came back he walked to my side of the table and I thought he was going to
give me a kiss so I tipped my face up a little to receive the kiss... and followed Paul all the way down as he bent on one knee in front of me.

The next bit is mostly a blur however he filled me in on the details later. Bent on one knee, he opened a ring box and told me that he loved me with all his heart and wanted to be with me for the rest of his life and other lovely things. I burst into tears and looked around at the restaurant filled with people looking at me, cried more and said "How embarrassing! Everyone is looking!" At this stage I remember looking back at Paul and thinking "Gosh! He still on one knee!"
He just looked at me and said "Um, you haven't said y
es..." At this point I snapped back to reality and said "yes! of course!", laughing and crying more.

Paul slipped the ring on to my finger, kissed me and asked if I liked the ring. I had to tell him that I couldn't see the ring because I was crying so much!! When my tears cleared I saw the most beautiful ring I have ever seen; a 3 stone ring featuring a (hinted for) emerald diamond.

While Paul ate the complimentary ice-cream that spelled 'Congratulations', I rang my Mum and our closest friends... who of course all knew! Paul has always been notoriously bad at surprises so I was amazed and so pleased he had been able to keep a secret from me.

I have such wonderful memories of the evening, we went back to our villa and celebrated with more champagne that Paul had thoughtfully arranged to be delivered in our absence.As far as I am concerned though, no engagement story is complete without a funny part to the story- as if my answering the important question with a "how embarrasing" wasn't enough!

Paul had been limping on the way to the restaurant. When I asked if he was OK he blamed a golf incident earlier that day. It turns out that his limp was actually from a very large ring box hidden in the crotch of his jeans!!! It was the only place he could conceal it as he wanted to propose dramatically with the box open. His trip to the bathroom before the proposal had actually been to retrieve the ring!

When he told me we laughed until we cried! Especially as he made a few adjustments to the area to the dinner which I had thought a little bizarre... I guess a ring box just ain't that comfy down there!!

And there you have it! The tale of one of the most wonderful nights in my life so far.

Bonnie xx

P.S I would love to hear anyone else's engagement stories if you are feeling brave. Even if you just share a little snippet from this exciting moment!


Anonymous said...

Bon, this is so sweet!

MOH/ TB said...

I just read your engagement story and got all teary. Even though I know the story back-to-front already, it is different to read it in black and white. Yes I am a total wuss but it is also a very lovely story about 2 of my most favourite people.


Anonymous said...

ahh... what a beautiful proposal. I can relate to the crying and the phone calls to half the world afterwards! x Ashmee

Ashley said...

I love your blog, it is fabulous!

What a sweet proposal!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Congrats to the both of you. You guys are such a beautiful couple!

Erin said...

My fiance and I were lying in the grass on our college campus, talking about our thoughts on required marriage counseling and what makes marriages fail. It was all very hypothetical, and we have conversations like that all the time. Then, after discussing our relationship and how we didn't think we had any major flaws, he proposed. I don't think he intended to, and I gave him a chance to retract the question. He wouldn't, and a week or two later, after we had picked out a ring, he took me to the Henry Clay Estate and proposed again on the lawn by candlelight. It was perfect.

Bonnie said...

Erin, that is the sweetest story! Congratulations! I actually forgot to add to my own story that we spent most of our dinner talking about getting married. Paul was obviously secretly laughing to himself!

Thank you also to all the wonderful people who emailed me their thoughts and stories. Too shy to share with the world, however I appreciate your thoughts and efforts regardless.

Bonnie xx

Bonnie said...

Oh, and Anon/Ashmee, please share your story! It is one of the most romantic (with the practically required funny twist) proposals I have ever heard!

Miss Laura said...

I only just discovered this post. Beautiful! I loved reading your story, you two are a gorgeous couple!