Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh Summer Brides

I can sympathise with you! Where oh where have the last 4 or 5 weeks gone? Just like a bride adding the finishing touches to her big day, I have been swallowed into an abyss... or so some of my lovely blog friends* told me when they dropped concerned emails my way!
Rather than planning a wedding which would
have been both more fun and much more stressful, my days have been spent at work and moving house, oh, and at the odd Chrissie party!!

The work bit-

Well, don't pity me too much, most of this part was mostly spent at after-hours work functions. Definitely fun after the first few and definitely fun when the champagne is flowing which like anything that is well, work, can get exhausting.
You can see what I was up to here.
(A wee bit of sympathy would be nice though as I did have some fairly m
ajor pre-Chrissie pitches which caused some early mornings and late nights. Thankfully only one more week to go).

The moving bit-
Boring, so I won't labour this one however we moved into a gorgeous semi with a deck and yard where we can fully enjoy the Sydney summer. I also have my own study which I am so, so thrilled about. My very own little space for 'Amour Amour'! When I've finished (started!) it I will post some pics.
One of my favourite features of the house is the super long hallway where we have been able to hang some of our favourite pics from the wedding. I was going for the arty look rather than the obsessed bride. I tried to choose some of the less "wedding-y ones" but that were still meaningful.

These are the photos we chose;

And some fairly average pics (taken on my iphone) of how they look;

The Christmas party-bit

Fun, oh so fun. In addition to the fun I also got some great entertaining and decorating ideas for both large and small events which I l
ook forward to sharing with you!
The Christmas bit-
Well as you can tell it is definitely the silly season! My husband and I are so excited to be hosting our first family Christmas for 10 people, the decorating details of which I also can't wait to share with you.

Of course whilst I have been working and moving and reading every Christmas themed magazine issue around the wedding world has of course been turning. Pop back for a post on what has been happening!

* Thank you to all the wonderful readers and fellow bloggers who sent concerned emails my way. You absolutely made me the happiest blogger-on-hiatus i
n the world.
My wedding images by Sugarlove Pictures. Summer wedding from here via here.


caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

congrats! everything looked so lovely! loooove your wedding photos! and that summer table is just gorgeous!

k a t i e said...

Glad you're back - and those photos are GORGEOUS. I love that they'll be the first thing people will see when they walk - after just moving into our first house together, my partner and I are still trying to put 'our' touch on the place, so I love that idea of them in the hall!