Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rustic Glamour- A stylish juxtoposition

Lately I have been completely enamoured with the concept of 'Rustic Glamour'. To me it seems inherently Australian; elegance and glamour against the rustic and sometimes remote landscape.
So, despite my husband's scoffing that such a juxtoposition just wouldn't work, I have persevered and styled Christmas in our new home in just this way. And even The Husband had to admit that he does quite like it. (Details and hopefully some pics to come!) This of course got me thinking about how gorgeous a wedding would look styled in this way.

Rustic Glamour is surprisingly easy to achieve;
- Hessian (or Burlap as it is known in other parts of the world) is a coarsely woven fabric and has been used above as the tablecloth.
- Silver cutlery and accoutrements. Resist the urge to polish the silver, a little tarnishing will add to the charm of this look.
- If your florals are more formal, go for a collection of glass cannisters and jars however wildflowers and greenery can look amazing against a crystal vase.
- Pressed linen napkins are a must, and if the hessian tablecloth is too much for you, use it as a runner against a white linen tablecloth.

Image Credit: Sunday Suppers. Photography by Karen Mordchai

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rubyandjoy said...

gorgeous! love it, rustic glamour, the style of 2010! xx