Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beautiful Floral And Fruit Centrepieces

It's not just floral centrepieces that can bring a colourful, fresh feel to your wedding, as evidenced by these stunning table centrepieces.

Selected fruits and vegetables, sometimes in conjunction with flowers look wonderful as well as being a unique choice.

This is my favourite; the draped branches and fresh peaches create a beautifully colourful and rustic feel.

Fresh fruit makes a delicious and thoughtful gift for guests, particularly refreshing berries or a pear on a warm Summers day.

Citrus fruits work well in Winter and are also a favourite in my own home as they look fantastic and don't break the budget.

Pay attention to what's in season and you can't go wrong; peaches, pears, cherries, berries look great and if guests get peckish they will be a tasty treat. Artichokes and mini-pumpkins look fantastic and like apples are quite hardy and will last the day.

Image credits (top to bottom): Preston Bailey, Martha Stewart Weddings, unknown, unknown, The Knot, The Knot, Whitemoss, Martha Stewart Weddings, My Wedding Place, Bliss Weddings, Intimate Weddings, Wedding Style Guide, Country Living.


Wedding List Co said...

I adore Preson Bailey, he's a genius!
Thank you for sharing so much with everyone, beautiful blog!
x Deb

rubyandjoy said...

I absolutely love the berries in the little blue punnets! And now I'm all excited about Summer!
Nic x

Dustjacket Attic said...

It's amazing what can work, I guess it's just thinking outside the square.

Miss Laura said...

Wow all so beautiful! You have a great eye for such finds Bonnie.