Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We Amour: Sucheta of Hens.com.au

Since starting this blog almost twelve months ago I have met and come across many wonderful and inspiring people in the wedding industry. So, I would like to introduce you to the first post of a new series - 'We Amour...' where we meet and spend a few moments with an industry expert.

First in this new series is the beautiful Sucheta, creator of hens.com.au, a fantastic website for both brides to be and friends planning a hens night.

Hens.com.au is a website dedicated to planning a Hens event. Choose from 5 fun categories; Pamper Hen, Wine & Dine Hen, Unique Hen, Sexy Hen and Gift Hen for great ideas to suit every Hen!

What inspired you to create hens.com.au?
I was organising my wedding at the time and could not find any resource that offered sophisticated options for a hen's party. My background was advertising and publishing so I decided to see whether I could create a website to fill the gap in the market.

What was your own hens party like?
Beautiful! We had High Tea at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Sydney. My girlfriend organised a gorgeous afternoon of sandwiches, tea and games. Instead of a veil she organised a lei made of frangipanis which is my favourite flo
wer and was also the flower and theme of our wedding.

What advice would you give to bridesmaids who a
re organising a hens party for their friend?
Speak to the bride to be ! Before you start the organisation fin
d out exactly what type of party she would like, who she would like included, costs she is happy with per person etc. What is one girls perfect hens night could be another's nightmare so always ask for basic guidelines from your bride.

Hens nights and bridal showers… what’s the difference and should both?
Traditionally a bridal shower is held first and is generally held at the bride to be's or her mother's house. A bridal shower or kitchen tea is a gathering at which older relatives, aunties, grandmothers etc are welcome.

The idea of a bridal shower / kitchen tea is to buy the bride to be domestic gifts for her married home. The hens night on the other hand is the night where the girls can get together for the bride to be's last night of freedom! This may involve a night out or activities and is generally a little more on the raucous ( and potentially x rated!) side than the bridal shower.

A few fabulous ideas for hens nights?
A pampering party with mobile therapist
s who come to you, cocktail making classes, tarot card reading, bellydancing classes, lingerie slumber parties ... the list goes on and on!

The best Hens idea you have heard (if you have one!)

My current fave is by Makeovers, M
anicures and Martinis who are based in Melbourne. It's called Spoil Me High Tea and is set in the gorgeous Botanical Gardens. As well as buffet High Tea, girls also receive a soothing back and neck massage and an express manicure ... bliss!

Tell me about the Hens boo
Every bride has a wedding album, guest book, presents etc to remind her of her wedding day, however there was nothing specific to keep from a hen's party. We created these books as a special memento of the hen's party, as a pla
ce where girls on the hen's night can not only record a personal message for the bride to be, but after the hen's night you can also place photos of the night in as a very special reminder.

What do you see as the perfect hens night?
The perfect hen's night is one where the wishes of the bride to be are taken into account. It is a special time to share with her nearest and dearest. It should also be one event that the bride neither pays for nor organises therefore making it a stressless and relaxing lead up to her wedding day.

Sucheta - Chief Hen - Hens.com.au

Thank you for your time Sucheta!

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