Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday's Muse: Celebrity Hens

Stuck for ideas for a fabulous hens night? Whether it's your own or you're planning one for a friend these celebrity hens are the perfect inspiration.

Gail Elliott
ner was at Balthazar on Spring Street in Soho (NY) and Ten’s Cabaret on East 21st Street! ...we ended up at a strip club downtown where we met up with the guys."

Lindy Klim
"I had my hen’s night 2 weeks before my wedding, in 2006..
.I’d only just had Stella, my daughter, a few months before and I was still breastfeeding, so it was fairly low key. We went to Koko’s Teppanyaki at Crown in Melbourne for dinner, and then to Boutique, which is a nightclub in Melbourne, for a dance."

Clare Press
"I’m known to be pretty squeamish about strippers and have a low tackiness threshold, so they avoided the penises/dress made of condoms etc. They had to be creative! When I arrived (at Lo Studio, Surry Hills) I was met with 60 versions of me, in black dresses – my friends were all holding up masks of my face. It was weird! Very Being John Malkovich. After that shock, it was just chic: canap├ęs, champagne and a lot of dancing (at Lady Lux in Kings Cross)"

And, moi!

"The evening was held in the private dining room of Otto restaurant at Woolloomooloo wharf in Sydney. It is has great food and a private dining area which was key to make it more intimate and special. Afterwards we partied at a fabulous city apartment!" More...

Thank you Sucheta (Chief Hen) for including me in this fun feature!

See here for more on these fabulous hens and here for great ideas and advice from the Chief Hen herself!

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Anonymous said...

This is great, thank you!!! I have to organise my sisters hens and have been stressing about what to do. My mum and her fiances mum will be coming so it can't be too rude!!!