Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We Amour: Nicola of Ruby & Joy

Nicola Spies is the sweet, funny and seriously talented girl behind Sydney florist Ruby & Joy. As well as weddings, Nicola's work can be seen in some of Australia's biggest bridal, fashion and home magazines, high-profile events and fashion shoots.
So who better to give us the heads up on getting the perfect floral styling for your wedding!?

1. Where did the inspiration for the name Ruby & Joy come from?
I get asked this question a LOT which I love! Joy is mine and my Nann
a's middle name, and my Nanna was a florist. She's been a huge inspiration and support to me and so when I was tossing around names I thought it would be lovely to use it.
But Ruby doesn't come from anywhere unfortunately! I just really loved the sound of them together. But it's been quite suitable as I absolutely love a profusion of red and pink blooms, and use them quite a lot in our advertising, so it's all worked out quite well.

2. What is your favourite flower/floral trend at the moment?
Tricky. For weddi
ngs I'm loving two separate ideas. I love keeping the bouquets all in one bloom, but all different. This is especially effective when used in a bright colour, like raspberry red or bright greens.
I also love the country style clustered posies that are relaxed and use a number of different blooms.
My favourite flower changes almost weekly, and always depends on what's new in season. It's always exciting when you spot the first Anemone or Hydrangea at the markets! For now, I'd have to say Peonies. I'm a sucker for the romantic blooms, they're just so beautiful!

3. Not only do you have a thriving business but you also have a gorgeous blog, what inspires you?
Oh my goodness, everything! New books, old books, new little cafes, being outdoors, my ever growing inspiration board, all kinds of magazines, music, other g
orgeous blogs, fashion, colours and working on creative projects, new combinations that are unexpected.
Being surrounded by creative friend
s and a creative industry means you're never short of new ideas. I'm so lucky to work in a vocation where no two jobs are the same so it definitely keeps me on my toes. And being surrounded by beautiful blooms makes me appreciate the small things which always brings me back to earth!

4. Many brides favour soft tones over bright colour for their wedding day, any tips for going bright?

Working in ivory, nudes and blush tones will always look gorgeous for brides, but if you're wanting to go bright there are a few main points that will keep it more fabulous and less frightening.
  • Try to keep it simple, perhaps work with a mass of one bloom, for example candy pink peonies, purple hydrangeas, cobolt blue delphiniums, bright green goddess lilies or golden sunflowers.
  • If you've decided to work with colours but want to soften the bouquets, working in different shades of your chosen colour will lessen the impact of the posies, especially in photos.
  • And another small tip, if you're wanting to keep the tone of the day clean and gorgeous with hits of colour, keep your bridesmaids frocks a neutral tone which will really make the flowers pop.

5. Three quick tips for brides to be to remember when choosing flowe
rs for their wedding?
  1. Work with a theme for your day. If the word theme freaks you out and makes you think 'under the sea', try to choose three words that express how you want your day to be. This is a good starting point and will help with colours and styles immensely.
  2. Don't necessarily try to match everything, contrast looks fantastic when done right!
  3. Chat to your florist about what you love, but also what you don't love. You need to workwith someone you trust and can develop a relationship with, and giving all the information helps them to produce something you will be absolutely thrilled with.
I am so excited to announce that Nicola will be updating Amour Amour readers each month with floral trends, seasonal flowers as well as answering any burning questions you might have.
Don't be shy, just comment below or email me.

If a month is just too long a wait, you can visit Nicola at her gorgeous blog, Lovely Pretty Cheery Things!


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