Monday, April 19, 2010

A Beautiful Wedding Gift Idea: A Moroccan Wedding Blanket

These stunning Moroccan Wedding Blankets would make a beautiful, unique wedding gift or if your like me, something special for your own home.

Moroccan Wedding Blankets are sourced high in the Atlas mountains in Berber villages. They were made for Berber brides, who would wear them as capes to keep warm as they were walking to their new husband's house. The women in the bride's family would work on each one for months, using hand loomed sheep's wool and painstakingly adding round, metal sequins one by one, by hand. All that work takes
a lot of time, so these precious creations were reserved for the best and most important day - the wedding.

Available from the gorgeous new online boutique, Table Tonic.

Images and information also from Table Tonic.

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Louise (Table Tonic) said...

Oh Bonnie, Bless you!
They look especially lovely in the context of your gorgeous blog...