Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We Amour: Mandy Daddia of Savvy Brides

Savvy Brides is a Sydney based boutique bridal service that buys and sells pre-loved wedding gowns. Whether you are a bride to be looking for a designer gown without the designer price tag or already married and looking to sell your gown, Savvy Brides can assist you.

We spoke to founder Mandy Daddia for her top tips on staying on budget whilst getting the dress of your dreams.

1. What are your top tips for brides on a budget?
The first thing to do is talk to your fiancé and work out what you will or will not c
ompromise on. If you have always envisaged your wedding in spring, don’t book it in winter because it is cheaper - you’ll end up feeling compromised.
  • Pick money savers that are realistic for both of you! Family heirlooms can be an absolute god send for your big day! The engagement ring is a no brainer. But perhaps your mum, grandmother or other family member has some beautiful diamond or pearl earrings you can wear on the wedding day or a pair of antique cufflinks for the groom! Not only can be a huge saver, the owner will feel really honoured to play such a special and personal role on the big day.
  • Online stores like have a multitude of beautiful and unusual items at a very low cost. You can find bridal party gifts, jewellery, a veil, a flower for your hair or cute and unusual wedding favours. If you plan ahead you can save lots of cash by ordering online. Explore other online retailers to see what other bargains you can find.
  • During the lead up to a wedding, people are constantly offering to help - take people up on these offers! Enlist your cousins to help you cut and fold invitations so that you can get them done without a professional, a handy aunt might be able to help make the centrepieces and your organised uncle can be in charge of the run sheet for the day instead of having to have a wedding planner. Also take people up on offers to lend you things like a veil or brooch to wear.
  • For more of Mandy's fabulous tips see here.

Gown by Lisa Gowing

2. Besides budget, what ar
e the benefits of purchasing a pre-loved gown?
  • You can purchase a gown from a top designer that you may not otherwise have been able to afford.
  • There’s no need to wait months for the dress to be made and ordered in and there are usually only a few minor alterations needed.
  • It’s environmentally friendly!

Gown by Monique Lhuillier

3. A woman's wedding gown is a meaningful item. Any tips for women considering what to do with their gown or who would like to sell it but consider it a big step to take?
Brides will always have photos of themselves looking like a princess in their perfect dress on the day!
Having a dress that you probably no longer fit into yellowing in your cupboard is not going to do the dress or yourself esteem any justice.
As we all know, in reality the dress will never be worn again. It’s the age old story that people plan to have it altered or dyed, in my experience this rarely happens. Other than keeping it for your daughter to play with, it’s just going to gather dust and will disintegrate over time if not stored properly.
There are lots of brides for whom their dream wedding dress is quite simply out of reach financially. It sounds corny but giving someone else that same feeling you
got when you stepped into your dress for the first time is priceless.
Some brides feel that they want to keep the dress for their daughters, but really in 25 years time don’t you want to share the experience of taking your daughter shopping for h
er own dream dress?

Gown by Provonias

4. What kind of discount can brides expect to receive buying pre-loved?

Brides can expect to pay 30 - 50% off the original price. We even have some dresses that are brand new at 30 - 50% off, an absolute bargain!

Gown by Mariana Hardwick

5. What designer labels are the most highly sought after?
We get many enquiries from brides wanting top designer brands without the cost. The most popular designers are:
  • Vera Wang
  • Monique Lhullier
  • Mariana Hardwick
  • Pallas Bridal
  • Steven Khalil
Thanks for sharing your wonderful advice Mandy!
Visit Savvy Brides to see more stunning designer gowns as well as how you can sell your gown.
First pictured gown by Helen English.


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