Sunday, March 15, 2009

Making me smile

It took quite a bit to make me smile this past week after 3 full days in bed with a hideous virus (hence the lack of posts) and a funeral. Nevertheless, making me smile were...

- My two gorgeously crazy cats, India (the bigger, Hima
lyan Persian) and Casper the little white/grey Long-haired burmilla kitten.

- A bouquet of gorgeous hot pink roses from my thoughtful colleagues at work

(image from Overstock... can't find my camera cord!)

- The Rockstar Diaries- a blog by a cuter than cute newlywed about the adventures of her and her husband in New York (and soon, Washington D.C). Ridiculously addictive re
ading about their junk food addiction and love for each other!

- My appetite disappeared for several days however when it finally returned it was for one thing and one thing only: Dark Chocolate McVitie's Digestives.

- And, this little man's first birthday!

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Amelia said...

your cats are soooo cute!!