Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wedding Wednesday: Needle in a haystack

In typical 'me-style' I have been procrastinating about tackling my wedding to-do list. In fact, I either just keep adding to it or spending crazy amounts of time thinking about really little details- like how I will do my nails for the wedding.

I have spent serious amounts of time pondering french polish vs pink And if I decide pink- which pink?

OPI Bubble? (my old tried and true) or do I get into the theme with Altar Ego or Honeymoon Sweet? Or, my current favourite, a pale pink by Essie. As if this wasn't all crazy enough, I paid a visit to the Essie website. Gotta tell you- I wish I hadn't!

Yikes! Take a visit yourself and please tell me if you can see anything more than an infinitely small difference between about 50% of them!

The result?
I am not going to think about it again until my pre-wedding manicure and am going to try to stick to the bigger picture.

Like, do I have Diptique candles in the bathrooms... or Tocca... or Jo Malone?


BB said...

The best pink nail colour to get is called TIFFANY, by Christina Fitzgerald (i know it sounds like a porn-star) but trust me, I know my pinks! Call them and they will send it to your house - a bit Diva, but I do it all the time. This colour is sooooo much better than anything OPI have. Another big call I know. But it is really pretty and I have been wearing ever since my wedding 4 years ago cause nothing comes even close to it! XXXBB

Foxy said...

Good lord, I was going cross-eyed trying to see the difference between all those shades of nude, blush and there an equation one can apply for working out the difference?! If it all gets too difficult, you can never go wrong with a French.

I am a candle junkie - Diptyque's, Chevrefeuille is the most incredible scent! x