Friday, March 20, 2009

A small request

Dear Hydrangeas,
It appears to be a contentious issue amongst florists as to whether you are in season in Autumn. I know you are quite the Summer flower and as the warm Summer weather fades into the crispness of Autumn and then finally Winter you take your leave to pre
pare for a new year.
So, I am begging you now to please stay about just a little longer. Not long now... just two more weeks.
I think you would look so pretty in little vases with roses, creating a fluffy, romantic feel- a cloud of flowers, something that I so desire!
I'll leave you to think about it- and inspire you with the stunning arrangements below (particularly the first 2 pics- so pretty!)
Bonnie xxx

P.S Despite initial fears, David Austin roses will be in season after all so will be having some of these regardless of temperamental Hydrangeas.

This is so stunning- something blue!

Image: Sarah Postma Photography

And this! Exactly what I have in mind!

Image: Li weddings

The prettiest pews

Mauve, blue, and pink hydrangeas create a stunning centrepiece.

Green and white violet-tinged hydrangeas surrounded by hosta leaves, snowberries, jasmine, and amaranth.

Roses and Hydrangeas in pinks, ivories, and greens.

Boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen.

Images: Martha Stewart

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Kathryn @ Pink Frosting said...

Bonnie, I have everything crossed for you too! Let me know if you need anything at all at the last minute!
Have a great week of planning xo