Thursday, June 4, 2009

MTV Redcarpet updo's

After many years of scraping my hair back tightly (a la Kate Beckinsale) I have come to appreciate just how flattering a soft, textured up-do is.

Leighton Meester

Hayden Panattierre

It seems I'm not the only one coveting this soft look. Only hours after admiring Leighton and Hayden's do's I noticed that Primped had tweeted a 'how to'...

Start by blow drying your ends with a heat protection spray and adding a bit of texturiser through the ends to get a bit of grit into your squeaky clean hair.

Next, secure the hair at the back of your head into either a loose bun or chignon. If you’re having trouble, just pop it into a ponytail and randomly pin sections back with bobby pins. Just remember that the hair on top needs to look loose, not tight, so don’t go too nuts when pulling your hair back.

For the top section, lightly wiggle bits of hair out of the elastic (or pins) at the back, creating that finger combed finish. You can actually run your fingers through the top sections if you like. Now, Hayden’s looks is pulled straight back, while Leighton’s has a little part. Decide what you want before placing hair back into the pony so you don’t mess the whole thing up, Primpers. That would be totes annoying.

Finish off by spraying it with a light hold hairspray and you’re good to go.

Images: MTV
How to via Primped

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