Thursday, July 16, 2009

Apothecary Jars

There are so many wonderful uses for decorative glass jars, lolly (or candy) jars being just one!

I love the idea of filling the jars with fresh or dried flowers as an alternative floral centrepiece. Bouquets of lavender tied prettily would look great in the jar.

How amazing do these apothecary jars loo
k filled with seashells?

Vintage photographs- a special way to honour your loved ones.

Thank you to Living with Lindsay for the idea and image!

A twist on the guest book- have guests write on pretty paper and drop their note in.

Don't forget about the rooms beyond the reception venue; pretty soaps or shells would dress up any bathroom

At a fragrance event I attended last week, the room was filled with small decorative jars filled with silk fabric (a pale pinky-peach in this instance) which looked fantastic and was a great way to bring the colour theme alive.

Even better, all these ideas work perfectly in your home once your event is over- the perfect reasoning for when the budget is being squeezed! Christmas decorations, Easter Eggs, decorative balls and even indoor plants all look great and extend the life of your jars beyond the one event.

Images: Destination Hardware, Maison, Pottery Barn, Martha Stewart.


Duchess of Tea said...

Pretty glass containers and such great ideas. I love your blog, I am so glad that I have found you
Duchess xx

Dustjacket attic said...

Thanks for showing some great ideas there .... thank you SO much for kind words in comments!xxx

Rach said...

I came across little gardens in these jars and they are beautiful to look at!

love the blog, keep posting!

Anonymous said...

So where can I buy these? I don't see any links to where you got the images from...