Friday, July 17, 2009

Bridal Survival For The Wedding Eve

The night before my wedding I checked into a gorgeous spa suite at the Hilton hotel in Sydney with my two maids for company. We crashed out with room service, watched 'Father of the Bride' and enjoyed a bubble bath in the enormous tub whilst taking in the Sydney sky-line via the enormous floor-to-ceiling window.
The suite was huge- 2 bathrooms, bedroom and a lounge area- gotta love the newly-wed (or nearly-wed) upgrade!

Conscious of getting enough sleep before the big day, I leapt into (the King size+) bed at about 10:30pm
No, this isn't me sleeping prettily!

Not.a.wink.of.sleep... for hours!!

Made all the worse of course by my Matron of Honour slumbering gently beside me! If only I had known my Maid was wide awake in the bed next to us- we could have chatted away for a while!

The Tuberose Diptique candle I'd brought along was lovely, but what I really needed was Lavender to calm those lovely yet sleep-depriving butterflies.

Only now have I discovered the Bridal Eve Survival Kit which is chock full of lovely things,
many of them infused with Lavender which would have sent me right off for a fitful sleep!

The kit has everything to enjoy a relaxing night, and make sure you get up in time!
Get a good nights sleep with lavender bath salts, lavender soap, earplugs and a sleeping mask. There's even some chamomile tea known for its calming powers! Indulge with Bloom lavender body butter and a candle and make sure you're up in time with an alarm clock!

Got a great get-to-sleep tip for us? I'd love to hear it!

Images: Bridal Survival and Getty


Miss Laura said...

Is that you attempting to sleep? Well aren't you just a lil doll?

My mother in law called me up and insisted I take a 'Cleopatra bath', a milk powder bath with a few drops of your signature perfume. So refreshing, soothing, and leaves your skin feeling silky and pretty x

Bonnie- amour amour said...

Laura, that bath sounds so lovely- no, this isn't me sleeping!!

Dustjacket attic said...

Oh I was the same, just when you want to get a really good beauty sleep .... nothing!

That eye set looks beautiful.xx

Dionne said...

I usually sleep like a baby, but like you, the night before my wedding last year - I sooo couldn't sleep! My sister (maid of honor) splurged and got me and my mum a room at the Ritz Carlton too - so part of it could have been excitement about the next day, but part could have also been the unfamiliar bed.