Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wedding Wednesday: You don't know what you want till it's (possibly) gone

To save me boring you with a long, boring and convoluted tale (I save those for the people I actually communicate with in person), I will give you the details in dot point.

  • I love peonies and wanted them for my bouquet. The wedding is in April. Peonies flower for about a nanosecond in October/November.
  • Never fear said the florist. David Austin Roses look just like Peonies. 'Yay!' I thought.
  • I read 247,982 wedding magazines, blogs, websites and news articles. 247,980 weddings featured David Austin Roses.

  • I swore off David Austin Roses. Denounced them as overly popular.
  • 5 weeks before the wedding I have zero concrete flower plans. There are a few things I like, but nothing decided.
  • Secretly, in the back of my mind, I have always had David Austin Roses as my back-up. Too beautiful to ignore.
  • This past weekend I met a sweet florist who is doing the flowers for a friend. She is worried about the flowers the friend wants. I nodded knowingly "yes, I heard about the lisinathus". She laughs, "Oh, that is no problem, it's the David Austin Roses"
  • When I am stressed I rush my words... "what do you mean? why? David Austin's are in season. Aren't they? Yes, my florist definitely said they were. Aren't they? What is the problem???????"

  • Upshot of the story: The crazy weather Sydney has been experiencing (the temperature changes erratically from 40+ to 22 degrees, rain, storms, searing heat) has destroyed most flower farms. All the David Austin's for all the Autumn weddings... gone. There might be a few left, but they will probably be pricey.
  • So, no back-up plan. Will have to go with my random other thoughts. I need to revert back to my wedding motto "don't get attached to any specific ideas". I just needed a moment to mourn.
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Polka Dot Bride said...

No no don't stress! What about carnations? All bundled in close together- you'd still get the fluffy look.

Maybe even try cabbage roses of Julia roses?

abluebirdbride said...

Hi there! Just wanted to say I'm really enjoying your blog and I love finding other fantastic Australian wedding blogs. More more! And I see you're getting married in April too - this year? We're getting married in April next year. Nice to see another Aussie Autumn bride.