Monday, November 17, 2008

5 of the best: Invitations

Introducing- 5 of the best, a new series of my Top 5 favourites for all wedding related items. First up- Invitations and stationery. I was one of those kids who LOVED back to school stationery shopping and still love an adventure to Officeworks and so out of everything for the wedding (aside from my dress!) I think I am most excited about picking stationery.

There are so many choices; the wording, the stock, design, font, printing process and the stationery really sets the tone and theme for the whole event.

So, without further ado- my top 5 stationery and invitation companies:

5. Alannah Rose
Paddington based invite company who also offer custom design.

4. Bella Figura
New York based company who offer online shopping and delivery to Australia.

3. Angels Dreaming
Events and invitations that will set the tone and theme for your event. The quality and presentation is beyond compare.

2. Artisan Press
This small company based in Lane Cove offers a personalised service re-creating the old-fashioned art of letterpress.

1. Dori Ann's Stationary Boutique
This was a tough decision as I am personally obsessed with letterpress however I just love the original designs of these invites and their sense of fun. Dori Ann has something for every occasion in the Wedding Calendar.

Engagement Party/Pre-Wedding Shower

Save the Date
Bachelorette Party

Bridal Shower

Rehearsal Dinner

The Wedding

Thank You
And, for those just looking for cute party invites, how fun are these?!

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