Monday, November 10, 2008

Tricky question- money as a gift?

It's a delicate topic, but is becoming more popular for couples to have a wishing well instead of a registry. Perhaps a sign of the times given that so many couples live together before getting married?

I have been to several weddings where a little note was enclosed with the invitation advising that the couple would appreciate a gift of money for contribution to the purchase of a home or renovations. There are lots of cute little rhymes to explain the situation and make it light and a wishing well is a nice way of doing it.

A quick google search reveals hundreds of forums asking the question- is it rude? And the answers are quite divided!

According to Peggy Post, famous etiquette author Emily Post's great-granddaughter-in-law and spokesperson for the Emily Post Institute, "for many couples, money makes an ideal gift. And there are terrific options in monetary gifting today; guests should consider alternatives to cash and personal checks such as universal gift certificates..."

Funny it is almost a taboo topic when in some cultures it is traditional to gift money. As an alternative, or even a compromise is the Honeymoon fund. Some travel agencies offer this is an additional service whilst many gift registries such as The Wedding List Company offer American Express honeymoon vouchers which can be added to the registry along with more traditional gifts.

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