Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Alex Perry Ready-to-Wear Bridal

was launched in August 2008 and was created from some of his most popular designs. I was lucky enough to attend a fashion parade of the gowns and they are all just amazing and there are ones for almost every body shape.
Alex spoke after the show and was very definite about how important it is to choose a dress for your shape- which is sometimes very different to what a bride has in mind initially!!

My favourite is the one with the black bow, which was sadly all sold out as they only created 1 gown in this style (bizarre for a RTW collection wouldn't you agree?).

Alex Perry RTW is $2,000- $10,000. A custom-made starts at $10,000.

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Anonymous said...

I love Alex Perry! Didn't realise the prices were so expensive tho! Is that what all wedding dress cost?