Friday, November 7, 2008

At a recent charity ball

there were some wonderful items being auctioned to raise money for the cause.
One of the auction pieces was an artwork by Gold Coast artist Abbey McCulloch and I fell in love! As I was running around that night I wasn't able to keep up with the auction and sadly missed out.
These are some of Abbey's beautiful pieces.



Blue Roamer
I Don't Want To Think

Sometimes I Like Listening


“People ask me why I only paint wome
n. It’s the flux. It’s the nonsense and the folly.
I have a persistent des
ire to document this, and if it seems a bit ‘mammoths and bison’ on a cave wall, it probably is. I am trying to freeze a moment in time and make it mine.”

Abbey McCulloch, December 2006

I didn't leave the ball empty handed though... through a haze of champagne I bid, and won this-
Yes- in the 'Violette'!! Which made me think of this piece which is appropriately named End of the Night
Why oh why didn't I pay more attention to the art?? At least the $$$ went to a great charity!

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