Monday, November 10, 2008

For the "I wish I'd thought of this" files

My Friends Photos is the modern version of disposable cameras on each table for guests to capture the wedding reception from their experience.

My Friends Photos rents Canon digital cameras for guests to take pics of the
night. My Friends Photos do all the hard work for you; they can post the cameras to anywhere in Australia and even include a pre-paid return post-bag for the cameras to be returned. (A good idea is to get the MC to ask for the cameras to be returned to him at the end of the night)
My Friends Photos
then publish the best photos taken on a password-protected online gallery for you and your friends to see.

Even better is the Memory Card Copier which is also available for hire (with the cameras or seperate
ly.) As so many people bring their own digital cameras along this is such an easy way to get a copy of everyone's pics. Just insert the memory card, hit copy and it's done!

My Friends Photos estimate that a 100 person wedding generates over 700 photos so you will have plenty more memories of your day.

This idea appeals to me personally as I am so conscious that the night will fly by without me spending time with each dear friend. This way they are still such a big part of my night and I can see the fun they had celebrating with us!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea, even just the card copier as so many people bring their own camera. Do you have any idea of costs

Bonnie said...

Hi there,

Packages can be developed, however basic costs are;
- Digital Cameras $32 each
- Insurance for Digital Cameras $16
- Handheld Multicard Reader $200 including insurance or FREE when 6 cameras are hired.

For more pricing information see