Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trash the dress

is a concept that is popular in the United States and is being requested by more and more Australian bride and grooms.
Given that most dresses are boxed and sit in the wardrobe after just that one day (how many women do you know that actually wor
e their mother's dress??) is a great opportunity to have another wear out of your beautiful dress as well as capture some gorgeous, highly styled and very different wedding shots.
As well as more beautiful photos, it can also be seen as a further symbol of commitment, showing your husband that you will never need the dress again.
The best part is, that according to Marc Eric, founder of, most dresses are not in fact ruined but are able to be drycleaned and restored... so that they can sit a box in the cupboard for years to come!
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Noosabride123 said...

Dear Bonnie,
I adore your blog, it's gorgeous! Thanks for inspiring me with your ideas and tips. You take the hard work out of being a bride!
PS - love the idea of
Love a fellow bride to be x

Bonnie said...

Oh Anj, you are too cute! Thank you! xxx