Sunday, May 31, 2009

Amour Amour wedding, Part One: My Pallas wedding gown

I got a little thrill when I opened the June Vogue wedding issue to see this ad;It was very familiar!
I wasn't surprised though- I had actually been about to get a different dress made by Pallas when I received a phone call about a gown from the new couture range that she thought I would love!
Cathy who runs the Sydney boutique breathlessly told me that she gasped when she saw the dress and told Joy, owner and designer of Pallas that it was very similar to the gown of my dreams which I had tried to explain to the girls!
Even though the gown had been brought to Sydney for an advertising shoot, Pallas kindly offered to hold back the ad with this gown until after my wedding, with Cathy even hiding the dress when fashion editors called in gowns for shoots prior to my big day.
I cannot thank Pallas enough for the wonderful experience I had, it was everything I imagined having a couture gown made for me would be. After all the calico toiles, silk toile and finally the several fittings the gown was finally ready- the day before the wedding- and I never, ever wanted to take my dress off!
With layers of silk and tulle and made from a beautiful organza Pallas import especially into Australia as one of their signature fabrics, I was just in dress heaven.

Despite all these layers, the dress was so light I could move easily and it passed the 'Pallas test', meaning I could easily hold the gown with just my pinky finger! I dare you to try it at your next fitting!
Oh, and the shoes are from the Gucci 'Hollywood' collection. I didn't want to worry about matching colours to the gown and also personally thought that the look might be a little dated with my fabulous dress so I went with a bronzey-gold colour.
The stiletto heel was 10.5 cm however I was comfortable all day and I will be able to wear to wear them in the years to come.
Photography by sugarLove


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Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

I wore a Pallas gown too... Absolutely amazing.....

Anonymous said...

Your dress is very beautiful and so are you

Miss Laura said...

What a beautiful bride you were, and what a privilege to wear that dress x

Fri at WEDDING NOUVEAU said...

ow wow, your dress is gorgeous. I too am not surprised it was in a magazine.