Monday, May 18, 2009

The internet... the black hole

My Mum has never been able to resist the lure of a garage sale, flea market, school fete or antiques store and when I was little, she just couldn't help but venture in, regardless of a small child and husband in tow... which is why we would be left in the car playing a seemingly never-ending games of eye-spy while she shopped and haggled.

Time passes so much more slowly as a child and, as children do I would repeatedly ask my father where Mum had gone. He eventually grew tired of explaining and his stock standard answer every single time was "down a black hole".

When Mum would eventually return, arms laden with finds (note: this was before vintage was fashionable. In the 80's it was just called second hand, or at worst 'trash 'n treasure') I would ask "Mummy, why did you go down a black hole?" "Why? But why? What is there? why? why?" This of course drove my poor Mum bananas!!

My husband Paul is having a similar experience right now. Every time he asks what I am doing/looking at my reply is very, very similar...
"Etsy... I just found the most fabulous screenprints"
"Blogs... I just found the most talented girl ever/most stylish girl ever/girl with the best taste ever"
"E-Bay... I am bidding on the most beautiful frame/fabric/print/bookshelf"
... you get the idea. I am feeling a little guilty
though as my answer probably should be that I am writing the most inspired blog post ever- but the black hole of the wonderful internet has sucked me right in!

Etsy store matryoshka64 has only six items and I seriously want every single one!

Jade Garden detailed pencil illustration

Floating Petals

Floral Design
Beautiful note cards from Mulberry Muse...

Paris 1908

Romance D'Automne Note Card Set

Ginny and Jude's has so many wonderful items but my favourites are their Holga prints which they shot in Melbourne.
Sun through leaves

Friends and regular readers will be familar with my stationary obession and Paperlion is just the thing for a girl like me. Even better (or possibly worse) the lovely people at Paperlion have special costs in Aussie dollars regardless of the exchange rate. This is great news given we are only getting AUS $0.75 to a US $1 right now!

Insanely cute Green Birds gift tags
and possibly even cuter sheep

I DIE for anything flocked!! This photo album would be perfect for wedding pics

I could continue however I need to venture out of the black hole of Etsy and get to bed! (But not before checking I haven't been outbid on e-bay. I'd share those finds but to be honest, I just don't want the competiton ;)


Naomi said...

Love, love, love that Holga print! Great. Now I need to buy one - or try and make my own!

Kathryn @ Pink Frosting said...

these are spectacular, Bonnie! I didn't need a reason to spend more money online...

Bonnie- amour amour said...

Naomi- I think you should get this one to remind you of your inspiration! (I know, I know- I'm a bad influence!)

Kathryn- I didn't need a reason either! Trying to save is just too much hard work!