Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday's Muse: Audrey Hepburn

The epitome of classic style, Audrey Hepburn is undoubtedly a fashion icon who still inspires today- even up to fifty-something years later.

Audrey's wedding gowns- both designed by Givenchy- reflected the fashions of the day whether it be a nipped in waist, high-necked dress or a full skirt. Her gamine looks were always complemented and the elegance is in the simplicity.

With husband and fellow actor, Will Ferrer- September 1954

Hepburn marries Italian Doctor, Andrea Dotti, January 1969

Audrey Hepburn never married the man she says she spent the happiest years of her life with- Dutch actor Robert Wolders as she felt they were married, just not formally.*

* Source: Wikipedia
Images: Getty

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