Saturday, December 20, 2008

12 Wreaths of Christmas

The 12 Wreaths of Christmas is a design project that was undertaken by 12 retailers of the PYD building in Sydney's Waterloo area. Waterloo used to be a fairly dodgy area on the city's immediate outskirts however has recently turned into a mecca of all things design and food-y thanks to the below retailers, the Danks Street Depot restaraunt/cafe and Fratelli Fresh providores and cafe.

I wish I had known about these wreaths a little earlier- each store designed a wreath that reflected their signature style. The wreaths were then auctioned on ebay to raise money for The Smith Family, a wonderful charity devoted to families in need.
Each wreath is so unique and wonderful however I would have bid on the Arte Sofas and Rogerseller ones. Oh, and the The Mother of Pearl and Sons, and the Kim Snow and maybe the Exhibit interiors....

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