Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fashion with Heart

Lauren Bush, model, anthropology student and spokesperson for the United Nations’ World Food Program (however best known as "First Niece" of George W. Bush and girlfriend of Ralph Lauren's son David) created a line of burlap tote bags in 2006 to raise funds for the World Food Program’s School Feeding Program.
Lauren modelling her FEED bag at the Australian launch

The money raised from the sale of the totes will be donated to the United Nations World Food Program and will provide a school year of meals for one Rwandan child in need and give them the hope of an education and a regular meal.

“Creating the FEED 100 bag was inspired by the need to take better care of children and the planet at the same time." - Lauren Bush

To date the FEED Projects bag program has raised almost $5 million.

Lauren with the collapesed version of the FEED bag

The bag is a reusable eco-friendly tote bag made from organic cotton and natural burlap that folds away into wallet-sized pouch.

Make an eco-friendly fashion statement and buy yours here or at David Jones for $69.95.

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Sarah Danielle said...

Isn't Laura beautiful inside and out?!? Makes me proud to be a Texan!