Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rate my Space

I'd never heard of Rate My Space until this afternoon when I saw some gorgeous rooms featured on the very sweet blog Newlywedisms by Bryn.
Such a short period of time for one to develop an addiction yet I have managed to become a fully-fledged 'space-stalker' in a few short hours.

A few favourites-
This very pretty, very girly Parisan flea market style bedroom. Seriously the bedroom I wish I had when I was living with friends and didn't have to compromise with the Man of the House.

I am going to steal this idea for next Christmas! In my previous post I mentioned I don't have a real tree but I miss the smell and bringing 'the outdoors in'. Is this not the perfect way for an apartment dweller such as myself to have some live Christmas greenery around the house?

This bathroom is so divine I think I could live in it! Oh, if I only I could take a relaxing long soak in that tub. I am also totally drooling over the damask wallpaper which is my favourite print pattern on earth. I love when a bathroom is created with a luxurious space in mind. The wallpaper, chandelier and hard-wood floors create such an effect.

I love the mix of dark and light in this room. This is the exact kind of space I want to create. To me it is relaxing, luxurious whilst still light and bright. Also loving the glam silver touches.

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