Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'd go nuts*

To look like Karolina Kurkova, apart from good genes, it would also help to follow a diet and exercise regime like hers, detailed below.

Warning: Only for the brave!

"I eat very clean and fresh. I wake up and I have a green juice with a little protein powder and glutamine mixed in. Then two hours later I have two hard-boiled eggs,"

"Then, two or three hours later I'll have 10 nuts, like walnuts or almonds. Then I'll have grilled fish with vegetables and salads. And then again, a green juice. I just keep it simple."

KK's pre-show ritual is a little more intense - no carbs, no wheat and three hours of exercise a day.

Wow! The discipline these girls have is phenomenal! 10 nuts exactly?? Is that for real? If so she definitely deserves that body of hers. Even if the poor gal's belly button is M.I.A.

*sorry! lame joke

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Anonymous said...

she definitely deserves to look that good!!!