Thursday, December 11, 2008

This could be dangerous

In recent months both Tiffany and Hermes have finally got their Australian e-commerce sites up and running. Convenient... but potentially dangerous. Online shopping is a little (um, very) addictive!

Sometimes though, the store experience just can't be beat- I am sure I have dreams of walking Castlereagh Street with a certain Orange bag over my shoulder!

The e-sites are great for price-stalking. It's worth noting also, that the prices on the Tiffany site are cheaper when you buy online and it's worth a visit to Hermes just for the beautiful ilustrations.


Anonymous said...

This is very dangerous information to know! Yet so exciting too...but like you, I still love walking in to Tiffany's and having the whole experience packaged up with a little blue box and white bow!

Anonymous said...

Yup! Nothing beats it huh!