Thursday, February 5, 2009

Glossy advice: Wardrobe Rehab

As a bonafide, self confessed magazine addict I have a gazillion tidbits stored away (some are magazine tears, others are just the ones I file in my head) which promise to make my life so much more fabulous.

You know the ones I mean… How many times have you read that the secret to getting Giselle’s thighs is 3 x 20 sets of leg-lifts, easily done each night in front of the TV. I have come across that tidbit at least 2,000 times since I first read it in Dolly when I was 12. Occasionally I will leap off the couch to leg-lift the ad breaks away!

How about the secret to glowing skin, zero cellulite and shedding kg’s?

Every supermodel, actress and beauty editor cites drinking 8 glasses to 2 litres of water a day to achieve the aforementioned benefits. Um, I do this as a matter of course due to plain and simple thirst and have done for yeeaaaarrrs and I am yet to see such remarkable benefits however I may have my goals set a little high.

Anyway, enough moaning. I am going to have another try at the fabulous life the glossies believe is within reach. This weekend I am Getting To Know My Style.

According to stylist Kelly Smythe in a New Year, New You piece in the Sun-Herald, the way to establish your personal style is to tear out pics of your favourite celebs for inspiration. Kelly suggests taking photos of every outfit option you have right down to jewellery, shoes and bags.
Stick them inside your wardrobe and you have a zillion options for any and every occasion and will always feel like you look great.
As someone who often gets into ruts where I wear about 10% of my wardrobe in the exact same way with the same shoes and accessories, which = boring I think this is for me. To make the most of this exercise, I am going to follow another style tip which creeps up season after season in fashion magazines- the wardrobe audit.Source: Daily Mail

I am going to see what crucial items (like a Burberry trench, ha
ha) are missing from my wardrobe which is stopping me from wearing any fabulous clothes in there. I.E a dress that has no shoes to match or any clothes that require simple altering to be worn. This way I will have a list I can keep in my wallet and keep an eye out for said items.

I’ll update on soon with my efforts and stay tuned to see if this is one of those tips that really work! I promise I will be realistic and not expect my wardobe (or thighs) to rival Eva Longoria's as a result.
Image: InStyle magazine
P.S I should admit here that I work for one of the glossiest of glossies (in advertising) and nothing will ever stop me reading, believing and following the gospel they preach!

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