Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How to: Candy Buffet

As promised here are some tips and ideas for creating your own delightful candy buffet filled with all things sweet!

Getting started
- Budget for it! Lollies are inexpensive however buying large quantities and displaying them can add up.
- Consider what yours and your fiancé's favourite lollies are to make it more meaningful.
- What are the colours and themes of the day/the reception? Tie the buffet in to this theme.
- How you imagine the table to look. I.E brigh
tly coloured, all one colour, personalised.
- Discuss the concept with the venue and ensure they have the space and a large enough table.

- Consider displaying the cake on the table to add to the overall look and also draw guests attention to it.

- M&M's can be custom ordered (from the U.S) in 25 different colours, with initials and even sketches for a yummy personalised touch.
- Pink Frosting
stocks a range of bonbonierre including Jelly-Bellies and super cute Conversation Hearts. Words include love, joy, our day and hope.
- Wrapped lollies like milk-shakes and sherbies are colourful and easy for guests to pick.
- Lolly-pops are always a favourite and will look great sticking out of the display. These pretty pink ones are also available in white from Papier d'Amour.- Sugared Almonds are available in many different colours and can match any theme. Buy in bulk online or go glam with silver or gold almonds (available from Papier'dAmour or online here)
- Other favourites include musk sticks, mints, rock candy, marshmallows, foil-wrapped chocolates, lindt balls, jaffas and bo-peeps. The Little Gift has a big selection where you are sure to find some childhood favourites.

Jars, vases and bowls - Apothecary jars look glamourous and will show off the lollies. Try homewares stores. In Sydney, Coco Republic stock jars of different sizes priced at $100-$200.
- Clear glass or crystal jars create a classic look, glossy black glass is modern and different.
- Open topped bowls and vases look great with lollies overflowing out and also makes life easy for guests.

Image: The Sweetest Event

Goody Bags
- Simple
white or brown paper bags are sweet yet inexpensive.
- Poppies
For Grace have paper bags with different prints which are pretty and nostalgic
- There are a zillion sized favour boxes and noodle boxes with different prints, colours and motifs. Persona
lise plain boxes with mongrammed stickers or stamps. Pink Frosting has a huge range of boxes, bags and stickers.
- Roll some pretty squares of paper into cones f
or guests to fill. Easy and unique.
- Hiring the jars, platters and bowls can cut back on the cost.
- Have plenty of lolly scoops on hand- no one will want to touch the jars after people have their hands in them!

- Have the emcee remind guests to visit the buffet throughout the night to avoid chaos at midnight when guests are leaving.
- Displaying simple lollies in unexpected ways makes the buffet fun and unique.
This pink dessert table by event coordinator Vicky Crease features m&m's (or maybe smarties?) in shot glasses! For more droolworthy images from Vicky's events, as well as an interview where she shares her experiences see Absolutely Beautiful Things.

The best thing about Candy Buffets is that they work for any event; bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays- just adapt to suit the event.

Image: (at top) Stephanie Williams

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