Friday, February 6, 2009

Things I love... this week

Sometimes I feel like I have an always changing, never-ending wish-list of bits and pieces I love, things I want to do and amazing moments I want to remember forever.

This week I am loving...

Balmoral Beach

With the temperature hitting 40+ degrees the last few weekends, Balmoral Beach has been the perfect place to keep cool and relax under a shady tree.
Image from Sydney Secrets

Fake Tan at home

So I don't scare anyone on the aforementioned beach! I am naturally pale-skinned and hate to tan in the sun. When a spray tan (Bronzalicious of course) is inconvenient or not in the budget ($55 a spray adds up!) I resort to one faking it at home. My favourites are Ella Bache, Biotherm and Clarins for easy application, quick dry and a sweet smell.


Getting in early for Winter! I don't get fashion sometimes, buying winter boots when the weather is the hottest it has been all year is beyond weird for me however that is not a good enough reason for having no clothes in winter so you have to get in early!
Boots from Country Road
*Update* So it turns out layby is not for me... I couldn't help but purchase!

Staying in on a Friday night

and watching Thelma & Louise on MovieOne with just the kitty-cats and a bowl of pasta for company. It's rare for me to have a night at home alone, particularly a Friday and I loved every second!
Image from IMDB

Have a great weekend!!


Your husband to be said...

Intention to lay buy was good. Execution of lay buy was poor!

Anonymous said...

Thelma and Louise is one of my all-time favorite movies!!