Monday, February 9, 2009

Fashion with a conscience

I have had a couple of emails from people loving the Bulgari rings to the right, one of the "Pretty Things". (thank you for your emails!). It is indeed a beautiful ring, and even better- proceeds go to a great cause.

The ring has been created by Bulgari in support of the Save the Children, Rewrite The Future Campaign which aims to provide education to millions of children in conflict-sensitive countries who are suffering the consequences of of war.

The ring is also a celebration of the 125th anniversary of Bulgari with the name of Bulgari founder, Sotiro Bulgari, inscribed around the ring, with the Save the Children stamp inside the ring.

The silver ring (a homage to Sotiro Bulgari's background as a Silversmith) is affordable at A$400 and will be on sale until the end of 2009. The aim is to raise A$20 million by the end of 2009.

While I am on the cause topic, a little closer to home, it has been a sad weekend. The devastation of the bush fires in Victoria continues with the death-toll currently at 108, the worst in the countries history. Particularly traumatising is the number of innocent children in this figure and the belief by authorities that the fires were deliberately hit.
If you would like to help, you can by donating to the Red Cross Appeal. At last count 750 homes have been destroyed and many families literally have just the clothes they were wearing when they evacuated.Image: Daily Telegraph
Sorry for the sad note, it is so top of mind with the tragic stories that are being reported and the feeling of helplessness and sorrow is just unbearable.

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Smith from sex and the city! cute ring!.