Thursday, February 26, 2009

Carnations please. Hold the Baby's Breath.

Carnations get a bad rap. Which is such a shame as they have come along way from the daggy 80's bouquets when they were teamed with Baby's Breath and salmon pink taffeta bridesmaids gowns.

As Polkadot Bride pointed out on my previous post, they are lovely and
fluffy which is what I also like about them.Once again though, she read my mind as this is a pic I snapped at a local fruit & flower market as inspiration....

So pretty, fluffy and delicate. For those of you who may not be convinced, take a peek at these bouquets!

The Carnation is a great flower for your bouquet toss or as a buttonhole.

P.S If I remind you that the pink carnation was Carrie Bradshaw's favourite flower would that help the stigma? I am honest enough that it was probably around that episode when I started to rethink my thoughts on the humble carnation.


Foxy said...

As I was reading your post, I was thinking about that episode of SATC (filler-flowers they are not!).
They are such a sweet flower - I'm all for their comeback. Those posies are divine!

Anonymous said...

very pretty