Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wedding Wednesday: Style

Angels Dreaming and The Style Salon are an Australian based event and styling sister companies, helmed by the creative and dynamic Rouba Alamein. (Trust me, she talks a million miles an hour and literally brims with ideas and enthusiasm!) Take a moment to browse their site and some of my favourites from their work below and you will be able to see why booking Angel's Dreaming to style our reception was an easy decision to make!

At first it was just the luxuriously decadent table settings with crystals and chandeliers that drew me to their Neutral Bay showroom however after one conversation with Rouba that quickly turned into Angel's Dreaming looking after the reception spac
e, flowers for reception, church, buttonholes and bouquets as well as the cake!

Custom designed ceremony & reception spaces


The detail is incredible!The Details



Anonymous said...

WOW! These pictures are amazing!!

Amelia said...

very, very beautiful!